Why Invest in Cape Verde?

Cape Verde, an archipelago located off the west coast of Africa, offers numerous real estate investment opportunities. With a stable political and economic environment, stunning landscapes, and a growing economy, Cape Verde is the ideal destination for investors seeking profitability and security.


Real Estate Investment

Residential Properties: Explore various options, from modern apartments to luxurious seaside villas.

Commercial Properties: Invest in strategically located commercial spaces in major cities.

Development Projects: Participate in innovative projects shaping the future of real estate in Cape Verde.

Tourism and Resorts: Take advantage of the growing tourism sector with investments in high-end resorts and hotels.


Benefits of Investing
in Cape Verde

Tax Incentives

Attractive tax benefits for foreign investors.

Tourism Growth

One of the most promising tourist destinations in the world

Political and Economic Stability

A safe and favorable environment for long-term investments.

Developing Infrastructure

Continuous investments in transportation and communication infrastructures.

Strategic Location

Cape Verde
Oasis of Opportunities in the Atlantic

How to Invest in Cape Verde

1. Legal Requirements:

To invest in Cape Verde, it is essential to understand and comply with local laws and regulations. The Investment Law (Law No. 13/VIII/2012) defines the basic legal framework for national and foreign investments, ensuring the same rights and duties for all investors, regardless of nationality.

2. Necessary Documentation:

Identification documents of the promoters, CVs of the promoters or company history, articles of association and commercial registration certificate, bank statement for new companies, and fiscal and social security status declaration for operating companies.

3. Purchase Procedures:

Property Search, Promise of Purchase and Sale Contract, Legal Verification, Public Deed, Registration.

4. Tips and Practical Advice:

Hiring local consultants specialized in Cape Verdean laws and regulations is advisable. Take advantage of available tax incentives, such as property tax exemptions and tax deductions on investments in priority areas like tourism and renewable energies. Ensure that financial planning complies with Cape Verde’s legal and fiscal requirements.