Villas (Vivenda)

Ponte Praia, Santiago – Palha Sé







Ponte Praia

Villa or Vivenda

The Villas stand out for their exclusivity and space. These detached houses, with ample indoor and outdoor spaces, are the epitome of residential luxury. With private gardens and high-quality finishes, each Villa is a refuge of comfort and sophistication.

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    • Full parking on the ground floor;
    • Functional Elevator;
    • Corridors and landing areas with complete finish - tiled, painted and with necessary accessories;
    • Entry lobby completely finished - tiled, painted and with necessary accessories.


  • BOSCH stove with oven (or equivalent);
  • Granite countertop;
  • Disposal of food waste.
  • Closet;
  • Ceramic tiles in wet areas;
  • Extractor;
  • Sink with faucets.
  • Block walls with plaster finish;
  • Internal doors;
  • Concealed air conditioning piping within walls;
  • Concealed electrical wiring, including cabling for each apartment;
  • Finished flooring, walls, and ceiling.
  • Complete finish including plastering, scraping, and painting;
  • Other exterior elements include exterior painting, terrace grills, tiled flooring, finished and concealed ducts, and exterior doors.

Available Units

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Número de LotesÁrea do apartamentoÁrea do terrenoNúmero de quartosPreço (CVE)Preço (EUR)Preço (USD)Estado
B01153.34210.183 25.591.500.00 CVE 232.090.87 € $ 247.332.56Disponível
B02153.34193.783 24.428.250.00 CVE 221.541.29 €$ 236.090.17Disponível
B03153.34216.583 25.591.500.00 CVE 232.090.87 € $ 247.332.56Vendido
B04153.34170.003 24.428.250.00 CVE 221.541.29 €$ 236.090.17Disponível
B05153.34220.983 25.591.500.00 CVE 232.090.87 € $ 247.332.56Disponível
B06153.34191.243 24.428.250.00 CVE 221.541.29 €$ 236.090.17Disponível
B07153.34212.643 25.591.500.00 CVE 232.090.87 € $ 247.332.56Disponível
B08153.34170.003 24.428.250.00 CVE 221.541.29 €$ 236.090.17Disponível
B09153.34170.003 24.428.250.00 CVE 221.541.29 €$ 236.090.17Disponível
B10153.34195.513 24.428.250.00 CVE 221.541.29 €$ 236.090.17Disponível
B11153.34200.663 25.591.500.00 CVE 232.090.87 € $ 247.332.56Disponível
B12153.34200.663 25.591.500.00 CVE 232.090.87 € $ 247.332.56Disponível
B13153.34272.443 CVE 263.739.63 €$ 281.059.73Vendido
B14153.34231.893 26.754.750.00 CVE 242.640.46 €$ 258.574.95Disponível
B15153.34170.003 24.428.250.00 CVE 221.541.29 €$ 236.090.17Disponível
B16153.34256.953 CVE 226.726.52 €$ 241.615.93Disponível
B17153.34243.533 26.754.750.00 CVE 242.640.46 €$ 258.574.95Disponível
B18153.34213.293 25.591.500.00 CVE 232.090.87 € $ 247.332.56Disponível

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

“Ponte Praia is strategically located in the heart of Praia, specifically in the Palha Sé area, just a few minutes from the airport, offering easy access to urban amenities while benefiting from the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding nature.”

“We offer a variety of properties ranging from modern apartments to spacious villas, all designed to provide comfort, luxury, and an unparalleled living experience.”

The purchasing process is simple and transparent. After selecting the desired property, simply fill out the reservation form, make the initial payment, and sign the contract. Our team is always available to guide each client through every step of the process.